Still here...

2011-01-14 12:52:42 by AshFreek

I'm still here. Just busy trying to get my comic off the ground and doing a few commissions here and there.
Oh yeah, and I'm learning Japanese, German, Dutch, maybe Chinese, Hebrew, and whatever other languages I feel like.
My friend is Teaching me how to play guitar better. And one day I hope to release a CD of my own.

Barely making it.

2010-10-04 16:51:56 by AshFreek

I'm just trying to get my art out there and get some commissions. I do art trades too, but it has to be something I need or want.
Right now I'm working on a comission for some proffesionals, but it's taking longer than I thought it would.
Anyway, drop me a line if you like my stuff or have comments about it.